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Raised in the Rock-n-Roll hot bed known as Iowa, (hey, that's where Deep Purple's Tommy Bolin is from) Schneider has been on the air all over the Midwest for the past 3 decades.

How come Schneider???  Well,  he's partial to the phrase "I Wanna Rock"...so he's named after his brother from another mother.  Twisted Sister's, Dee Snider.

A child of the 80's, he loves his hair bands, and isn't ashamed to say it.  Poison, Skid Row and Slaughter cassettes still grace his boom box.

Schneider has been in the Southland since the mid-90's.  He loves cooking, hunting (the two go together well), the Iowa Hawkeyes, movies, the UFC and spending time with his wife and 3 young daughters.

He's got some crazy music stories...ask him about the time he spent on the road with Toni Iommi or his time with Slash!

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